Instagram + Hashtag Printing

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What's the hype around #hashtags?

So, we recently introduced our new hashtag printers, I'll give you a quick run down on what the 'hashtag' buzz is all about and how it can be used to bring brand awareness.

If you're on Social Media you would have noticed people uploading photos or posting comments followed by a hashtag, i.e. #shutterbooth, you may have wondered why people bother using a hashtag, well, let's run through it.  Hashtags are common on all Social Media platforms and they can create engagement and opportunity.  Anyone who clicks a hashtag trail can see your hashtag, your profile, you. Your influence extends outside the boundaries of your own followers.

Getting people engaged with your brand on Social Media can be tough, whether you’re wanting them to follow your account or spread the word about an event or product. Our hashtag print station makes that process easy by giving people a wonderful incentive to engage with you online.

Our hashtag print station can be used at weddings, birthday parties, and fundraisers, it’s especially suited for brands hosting events, product launches, and school or university initiatives. If you want to entertain your guests and boost social engagement, then our hashtag printer is what you want.

Our live Instagram printer / hashtag printing services Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

For more information on how we can rock your event, visit our hashtag printing web page or our photobooth hire web page.